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Our girls club program is our most comprehensive program that teaches young athletes the skills and knowledge to play the game at its highest level.  For the serious athlete we provide ample opportunities to display their talent in front of college recruiters by attending many of the major tournaments / qualifiers.  This program begin in November and run through the mid May.

We tailor this program to all athletes by providing different levels of competitive teams. We have National, Regional Black and Orange teams. You can read more about the different levels below. Placement on these teams are based on tryout results, athlete's registration selection. and team need. 


All athletes are evaluated on skills, attitude, and team play during tryouts by our qualified coaching staff.  All athletes are placed on a team that will provide them the best chance to succeed individually and as a team.  



Every year players are forced to withdrawal from the sport they love because they can no longer participate, but parents still have to fulfill their financial obligation.  With Sports Fee Insurance - USSCI will pay for the time your athlete is not able to play!

Life happens! We wanted to provide an option to parents that would provide a sense of financial security and ease the decision to play Club volleyball.

This insurance provides coverage for a variety of situations, including injuries, illnesses, job loss, or relocation of parents. You can have peace of mind knowing that your financial commitment to our club is protected in case your child is unable to complete the season.

Click on the link below to learn more and enroll.


Training (individual & team)
Speed and Agility training
College Recruiting information
Open Gyms
AAU Registration if required
Tournament Registration Fees
Coaches Fee
Gym Rental and Equipment
Coach’s travel cost and rooming fee to multi-day tournaments/qualifiers


Athlete's USAV (GEVA) membership
Travel to and from tournament locations
Athlete's hotel accommodations 
Athlete's travel costs including food & drink


  • National – this level is our most competitive and will compete at a high level. Practice 3 times per week and compete in several multi-day and single day tournaments. 

  • Regional Black and Orange - this level is very competitive and also will compete in the open and/or club levels. Practice 2 times per week and compete in several multi-day and single day tournaments


All of these levels are available at all ages.

Single Day Tournaments for all teams:

The majority of our selected single day tournaments if not all will be within a 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minute drive.  They take place on weekends either on a Saturday or Sunday. Teams are generally entered into one to two tournaments a month starting in January.  Most tournament are all day events, starting at 9:00 am and can last until 7 or 8 pm depending on the teams' performance.  

Tournament registration is on a first come basis and opens in Dec.  A full list of team tournaments will be posted on all respective Team's page. This list will have the status of our team's acceptance to play. 

Multi-Day Tournaments:

The club attend various multi-day tournaments requiring an overnight stay at or near the venue.  The club will provide information to all members on all Hotel requirements place on us by the tournament host.  Members are responsible to follow the instruction provided and book their own rooms designated or nearby hotels. 

The club has historically participated at the following Multi-day Tournaments. (This may change yearly)

  • MLK Tournament in Lancaster PA

  • Capitol Hill Classic in Washington DC 

  • Irish Rumble in York PA

  • Jersey Shore in Atlantic City New Jersey

  • North East Qualifier  in Philadelphia or Baltimore

  • BeachFest in Ocean City Maryland.  

  • Boardwalk Block Party  Atlantic City 



Tryouts for our club teams will take place in August and early September.

To see more information on try-outs and to register, click on the buttons below.

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