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All of these requirements must be met prior to attending your first trying-out sessions for any team.  


NOTE: Due to COVID-19 regulations and restrictions there is a limited number of athletes that can participate at each sessions.  You must register for a session and pay for it in order to be accepted into it.    

  1. YOU MUST register online with CJ HEAT (See Below). 

  2. During Registration, YOU MUST Select a session that you will attend. (Athletes can choose one session per week.)

  3. YOU MUST Pay Online Prior to attending your first session.

  4. YOU MUST provide the attendance approval email sent to you by CJ HEAT after your registration and payment have been received. 


  • A try-out fee of $65.00 covers all dates

    • Payment must be paid online prior to at the first date attended.  NO WALK-INS 

      • Includes tryout CJ HEAT T-Shirt with number.

        • The CJ HEAT T-Shirt provided must be worn to any subsequent tryout session. You will not be allow to tryout without it. 

        • The number on the T-Shirt will be used through-out all the sessions to evaluate/tabulate your scores. 

      • You will be charged another $10 for another shirt  if you fail to bring the original one. 

IMPORTANT:   To be considered for a team, athletes must attend at least one tryout session. If you are not able to attend any dates listed below please contact us before tryouts start.

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