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You have reach CJ Heat's "TRYOUT" registration page for Our Club Volleyball Program.  

Please complete the entire form.  Our tryout dates and program notes are listed on our

pricing pamphlet. 

Athlete Information:

Past Experience (if any) N/A if none

USA VB Age Definition 2019_20

Please select a team age to try out for based on your age eligibility.  

Age Level Trying out for:

Team Selection

Check the chart below.

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Skill Level:

Guardian Info:

This email will be our primary means of contacting you. 

This email will be used when sending general announcements. 

Emergency Contact Info


Medical Info.

Medical Condition (enter NA if none)

Release & Waiver


VOLLEYBALL ACTIVITIES: Includes but is not limited to sports, fitness, functions, instructions, use of the facilities, participation in programs, and services provided to its members by Central Jersey Heat, its officers, directors, agents, representatives, volunteers and employees, herein afterward collectively referred to "CJH".

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF RISK: I am aware that there are inherent and significant risks to my child (“Risks”) associated with participation in Volleyball activities. I am aware that those Risks include but are not limited to the potential for serious injury caused by any event or any condition of the facility or equipment and health risks. I understand these risks may be relative to my child's own state of fitness and health (physical, mental and emotional), and to the awareness, care and skill with which they conduct themselves while participating in these activities. I freely accept and fully assume all responsibility for all Risks and possibilities of injury, death, property damage
or loss resulting from my child's participation in these activities. I agree that although CJH has taken steps to reduce the Risks and increase safety of these activities, it is not possible for CJH to make the activities completely safe. I accept these Risks and agree to the terms of this waiver even if CJH is found to be negligent or in breach of any duty or care or any obligation to my child's participation in these activities.

HEALTH ACKNOWLEGMENT: I acknowledge that Volleyball has vigorous activities. I hereby warrant that to the best of my knowledge, my child is in good health and is able to participate in these activities.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY:  In the event of an emergency, I hereby give permission to CJH to contact medical personnel to transport my child to a hospital for emergency medical and or surgical treatment. I agree that CJH will make reasonable attempts to contact me or the emergency contact as listed above prior to notifying medical personnel. I assume any and all responsibilities related to the transport of my child.

CONFIRMATION: I confirm that I represent the legal guardian of this child and I have had sufficient time to read and understand each term in this waiver in its entirety, and have agreed to the terms freely and voluntarily. I understand that this waiver is binding to myself, my child, our heirs, successors, and or assigns.

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