To show our appreciation for club athletes that have been with us the last couple of seasons, we have developed this program to help reduce your stress regarding the club volleyball tryout process. 


Program Eligibility:

  • If you were on one of our National or Regional teams in the 2018-2019 season, you will be accepted back into our club for the 2019-2020 season. We know that this is a stressful process so we want to show that we appreciate your loyalty to CJ Heat.​

Our Guarantee: 

  • All eligible athletes are guaranteed a position on a National or Regional team (assuming we can form the team with a minimum of 10 athletes and or up to a maximum as listed on our brochure)


  • Though you are guaranteed a position on a team, all athletes are still required to attend tryouts to demonstrate their skills for team placement.


Offer Expiration: 

  • All Athletes wishing to take advantage of this program must register for it by 9/20/2019.  

No Stress Process: 

  1. Eligible athletes enroll by registering for this program (see link below),

  2. Attend tryouts and perform to the best of your ability stress free, 

  3. Receive offer email from CJ HEAT with team placement.

  4. Accept offer via email.

If you register in the Appreciation Program, you DO NOT need to register for standard tryouts.


Opt Out of the Appreciation program. 

  1. Simply do not register for the appreciation program.

  2. Register using the standard registration


For more information on these teams including pricing, please check out our Girl's brochure on our home page.


*NEW* in 2019

Tryouts for our club teams take place in September, instead of in November this season.  This is was instituted by GEVA.


Things to know:  GEVA's rules regarding OFFICIAL OFFERS:

  • Authorized offers can be made at any time but not GEVA recognized until after September 22, 2019.

  • The first Binding Commitment date for offers made on or before September 22, 2019 for both groups is September 26, 2019.  All other Binding Commitments will follow the one plus three (day) rule.

To get more information on try-outs and register for them, click on the button below.  

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